“ I don't divide architecture or construction; to me they are one." 
 – Troy Square

Single Source Efficiency


TroySquareGC headquartered in Dallas, Texas and serves both domestic and international clients. As a full service commercial and industrial design company, we help companies recognize exact costs, minimize risk, and expedite project completion on their new, expanded, or renovated commercial and industrial facilities.


Since our innovative design/build services are customized to meet your exact needs, the project results in a seamless experience—from sourcing and developing land, designing and building your structure, through move-in and post occupancy maintenance—no matter the size or complexity.  Our single source method eliminates the frustration of working with multiple service providers, and can cut the process time in half compared to traditional design method.


True cost benefits of working with Troy Square Design Build:


» Single contract = single point of communication and responsibility

» One combined payment for services

» No management of multiple contracts, vendors, or invoices

» Upfront understanding of drive-out price

» Development services included in design/build contract

» Turnkey, time-saving design & build process

» Expedited project start and project delivery

» Time-saving overlap of design and construction

» Escalation and rising cost mitigation

» High-quality results, with minimal owner’s risk


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